• iPhone 4S integration with Nissan Leaf

    When Apple unveiled its latest smartphone -- the iPhone 4s -- at the start of this month, eagle-eyed electric car fans will have noticed that a 2011 Nissan Leaf was used in the first ever commercial for Apple’s voice-activated Siri personal assistant. Standard on every new iPhone 4s, Siri provides iPhone 4s owners the ability to interact with their smartphone without touching the keyboard, supposedly making it perfect for those moments when you need your hands for other things -- like driving. But while Apple’s advert shows an actor interacting with Siri on his iPhone while...

  • Powermat wireless charge pad in Chevrolet Volt
    Mac Vs PC Becomes Mac Vs Chevy As Volt, iPhone Won’t Talk

    Are you a Mac user or a PC user? There was a time when that question would spawn pages of flame wars on blogs and computer newsgroups, and perhaps even devoted fan pages on Geocities. Despite adverts from both Microsoft and Apple to suggest both platforms are still sworn enemies, Macs and PCs...

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