While the federal government has a blanket $7,500 tax credit available for anyone who purchases an eligible electric ca, each state is at liberty to apply its own incentives to encourage people to make the switch from gasoline to electric cars. 

The amount of additional incentives varies from state to state, but now residents of the town of Normal, IL will gain an additional rebate when buying an electric car worth an average of $300. 

The rebate is funded by the town council and is equivalent to a one percent reduction in the 7.75% sales tax levied in Normal. 

In other words, the more expensive the electric car, the greater the rebate. 

2011 Nissan Leaf UK Launch

2011 Nissan Leaf UK Launch

For example, a 2011 Nissan Leaf SL registered in Normal attracts a $337 rebate, while a 2011 Tesla Roadster owner would get a rebate of $1090.

Applying for the rebate will be simple, with the local government trying to make the setup as painless as possible. To start the process off, applicants have to visit the town hall. 

“You can bring in your paperwork showing you’ve paid that tax to Normal City Hall, and we’ll have a short form to fill out to verify that the car is registered here in Normal,” Assistant City Manager Geoff Fruin told local news outlet WJBC. “And, assuming everything works out, we would issue a rebate for that one percent.”

Admittedly, the rebates are hardly huge, but in a world where electric cars are still very much premium purchases, every little helps. 

At the moment, only 15 electric cars are estimated to be in Normal, but it is hoped that with the additional savings, electric cars will soon be a whole lot more normal in Normal. 

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