Want to buy a Chevrolet Volt but missed out on getting a 2011 model? Don’t worry. Next year’s car will offer more options and a lower sticker price, Chevrolet revealed today. 

Unlike Nissan, which was forced to raise the price of its 2011 Nissan Leaf in Europe shortly before it went on sale, Chevrolet has confirmed that its detroit-built Volt will start at just $39,995 - just over $1,000 less than the 2011 model. It will obviously still be eligible for all federal purchase incentives, placing the Volt as low as $27,495 $32,495

In addition, Chevrolet promises a dizzying array of seven option packages for 2012 Volt customers, expanding on the three option packages available for the 2011 model. 

As standard, all Volts will come with keyless smart entry, something Nissan has offered as standard on its 2011 Leaf.  Chevrolet will also be adding a three-year subscription to its OnStar Turn-by-Turn navigation system for all new 2012 Volts, along with an upgraded stereo system, its MyLink bluetooth audio and handsfree system and new 17 inch alloy wheels. 

2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

The interior trim is set to change too, including two additional interior accent colors and three new external paint finishes. 

Under the hood nothing is set to change, meaning the 2012 Volt is simply an expansion on the 2011 model with consumer-specified options. 

So why the drop in price? It all comes down to economies of scale. With an estimated 45,000 cars set to be made during 2012, an upgraded production line, and nationwide sales, Chevrolet’s production costs per car will dramatically drop as sales increase. 

2011 Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt

And if you want a fully-loaded Volt? That will cost you an estimated $46,265, including leather tripm, a backup camera, full GPS navigation system, premium paint and wheels. 

Of course, the prices given to us today are Chevrolet’s suggested retail prices, and doesn’t necessarily represent the price you’ll pay at a dealer if this year’s shenanigans are anything to go by. 

Customers wanting to reserve a new model year Volt can do so today by visiting their local Volt dealer