We have to admit, we're fond of infographics.

This one has three simple parts. It looks at gas prices--which recently rose to an average of $4 a gallon before ebbing slightly--showing national average prices for both three grades of gasoline and for diesel fuel.

Then it suggests some driving tips to increase your gas mileage. For our money, the most important one translates to, "Don't drive like an idiot."

In other words, accelerate gently, plan ahead so you can coast down to slower speeds rather than jamming on your brakes, and keep your speed to the posted limit--or even below, if it's safe.

Finally, the infographic shows a few repair tips you may want to consider.

We're not so sure about the spark-plug one--modern spark plugs in late-model cars are astoundingly long-lived--but they're good to know, if nothing else.

(Though one day soon your spark plugs may even be replaced by lasers.)

In any case, check out the graphic and let us know what you think of it.

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[infographic used with permission of AutoMD]


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