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  • Oil well (photo by John Hill)

    With increasing energy efficiency in cars, homes, and industry, plus a surge in domestic natural-gas production, U.S. demand for oil is widely said to have tapered off and in fact begun a structural decline. Except that, as it turns out, last year it seems U.S. demand for oil actually rose by 390,000 barrels per day, according to the International Energy Agency. That represented fully one-third of the total global increase in demand. An article in today's Financial Times from London notes that global energy analysts have been startled by an apparent increase of 4 to 5 percent in U.S. oil...

  • Gas Prices on the Rise, infographic used courtesy of AutoMD
    Gas Prices Rising: Driving Tips, Simple Repairs Boost Mileage (Infographic)

    We have to admit, we're fond of infographics. This one has three simple parts. It looks at gas prices--which recently rose to an average of $4 a gallon before ebbing slightly--showing national average prices for both three grades of gasoline and for diesel fuel. Then it suggests some driving tips...

  • 2009 BMW 335d
    Newly Conscientious Consumers Say Modesty Is Cool For Luxury Cars

    Well, this is encouraging. A new study of luxury car buyers commissioned by BMW finds that even luxury car buyers are beginning to reject conspicuous consumption, with more and more choosing their purchases for "social, political, or environmental reasons". BMW and Mini executives, in a...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius
    2010 Toyota Prius vs. 2010 Honda Insight: Running The Numbers

    If you've been comparing the new 2010 Toyota Prius to the smaller, less expensive 2010 Honda Insight, Toyota would like to have a little chat with you. They think that you think you'll save money buying the cheaper Insight. So, licking the corporate pencil and pulling out the compact calculator...

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