According to startup plug-in hybrid maker Fisker Automotive, production of its 2011 Fisker Karma luxury sports sedan recently started in Finland.

The company says it is focusing on delivering cars to dealers, so aside from giving a very small handful of journalists some quick driving time within the confines of a race track, Fisker has largely ignored the automotive media.

So we can't tell you anything at all about what the car is like to drive, or ride in, or how well it performs, or what its real-world gas mileage is.

But at least we know that founder Henrik Fisker has a thing for royalty. Of the very, very few non-Fisker employees who've driven the car are now members of two different European royal familes.

The latest is His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Last Saturday, before qualifying began for the Monaco Grand Prix, he drove two laps of the race circuit with Fisker himself in the passenger seat.

The previous crowned head was His Royal Highness Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, who had an even briefer drive back in December 2009.

Denmark Crown Prince Frederik and Fisker Karma

Denmark Crown Prince Frederik and Fisker Karma

Fisker says it plans to ramp up production to its full rate during the second half of 2011.

It hopes to fulfill every order for which a deposit has been put down "during the 2011 model year"--which is a little different than "during 2011," since production didn't begin until earlier this year, and model years are fluid things.

In any case, we have now fulfilled our duty to say something--anything at all--about the Fisker Karma in the absence of any new, useful, concrete information about the car.

Fisker has issued a list of specs which we won't bother to repeat here once again. After all, most of you who are reading this likely aren't of interest to the makers of a limited-production car whose price starts at $95,900.

So don't bother asking us. We don't know either, and Fisker has seemingly little interest in the media. Except for the kind that covers royals, of course.


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