Small cars are our business here at and we love an event that features small cars—especially when a lot of press and consumers are around. Today marked the 4th Annual Green Car Parade in Denver, Colo., where dealers from around the state bring their greenest cars to be a part of a static parade at the State Capital building. It is probably no surprise that these cars are soon headed to be on the floor of the 2011 Denver Auto Show that will start with a ribbon cutting on Wednesday, March 30th at 6 p.m. It might not surprise you either that the majority of cars on display are small cars.

Mow Smart's Smart ForTwo Passion at Denver Green Car Parade

Mow Smart's Smart ForTwo Passion at Denver Green Car Parade

Tim Jackson, President Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), was on hand today to kick of the event and talk the Clear the Air Foundation that not only benefits the environment, but promotes new “green” cars. The Clear the Air Foundation (CTAF) was formed in 2007 according to the foundation website and is incorporated under the State of Colorado laws as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The purpose of the organization is to “lessen the amount of pollution emitted by old or not properly maintained vehicles on Colorado’s roads.” In addition to removing older high polluting vehicles, the foundation strives to educate consumers about new cars and how the manufacturers are making changes to reduce their impact on the environment.

“One 15-20 year old vehicle pollutes equivalent to that of 100 new cars that you would find in a dealers new car showroom,” said Tim Jackson today during the Green Car Parade. “By taking four older polluting vehicle off the road University professor Don Stedman, PhD, says you can move the pollution needle.” We should be clear here, the CTAF isn’t after your prized 1972 Corvette or even your collectible ‘80s Givenchy Lincoln Continental. The vehicle the CTAF is looking to mitigate in favor of newer, smaller, safer and more efficient cars are those poorly kept vehicles that pollute significantly and require recondition that is unlikely do to the value of the car. “We are talking about those cars that you sit behind at the stoplight and then you wait a few seconds after the light turns green for the cloud to disappear so you can see where you are going,” Jackson said during his public address.

The program has made agreements with dealerships in the Denver Metro area to donate four high-polluting cars to the Clear the Air Foundation cause each year. These cars will be dismantled and the parts will be provided to reconditions for reuse and sale, with a couple of exceptions. The engine, frame and body will be crushed and recycled into renewable steel components so that those particular vehicles will not pollute again. The program is the only one we are aware of in the U.S. and according to Jackson a program that will change public policy.

Be sure to check the video out below for more information on the Clear the Air Foundation: