The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have been rivals since their respective introductions—with the Mustang beating most to the punch with the 1964 ½ Ford Mustang debut. GM quick answered the Mustang with the Camaro, but the Camaro wouldn’t stay ahead of the Mustang for most of the decades of competition. That is, until now. For the 2010 sales cycle it looks like the Camaro might over take the Mustang for the first time in some 25 years.

The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are bits of Americana—cars that inspire racing, performance and pride in American engineering. If we were looking at the longest running model, the Ford Mustang would win since the production hasn’t been interrupted since the cars introduction. The Camaro didn’t fair so well being discontinued in 2002 and not returning to the market until late in 2009 with the 2010 model year debut. The return and current success is what would make the story if it indeed out sells the Mustang for its first full sales cycle.

For the month of November, the 2010 Camaro sold 4,164 units while the 2010 Mustang sold 4,093 units. As you can see, the delta isn’t very wide. The year-to-date sales for the 2010 Ford Mustang is about 10.8 percent behind that of the Camaro, but Ford Mustang’s Communication representative insists that this isn’t a sales race. Yeah and I am the pope. The American automotive industry has been a competitive environment since its inception. That is why the industry is already predicting the sales out come with the Camaro still coming out on top by about 9.5 percent in total sales.

Bottom line—It is still anyone’s sale game, so fans of either brand can sway the vote. Though it would be cool to see GM come back from the hardships of the last couple years with a brand that has always been an answer to the Mustang.