• John Duncan takes delivery of one of the first 2011 Nissan LEAF EVs, near Portland OR, 12/15/2010

    Uh-ho, Nissan. You’ve come out with one of the best five-seat all-electric production cars we’ve ever seen and your pre-order figures are impressive. But as your rival Chevrolet is eagerly rolling out 2011 Range-Extended Volts we’re starting to hear more and more stories that your own rollout isn’t as rosy as we’d hoped. So what’s going on? And is the apparent trickle of 2011 Nissan LEAFs reaches customers are consumers going to get bored and shop elsewhere? Anything As Long As it Plugs In Remember the days when Aptera was planning to be the first...

  • Dealer Chooser - 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Moving Closer To Owning a Leaf: We Get To Choose Our Dealer

    You may not know it, but our Marty Padgett isn’t the only member of the High Gear Media editorial team to order a 2011 Nissan Leaf. Over 5,000 miles away on the west coast of England, I’ve also been waiting patiently in the queue for an email from Nissan letting me know when my Leaf...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    2011 Nissan Leaf Orders Commence. Fast Charge Option $700

    It's been the most anticipated all-electric car of 2010 with well over 13,000 pre-orders in the U.S. alone. We've driven one twice and loved the car's well-finished trim, impressive handling and accurate range calculations using the car's built-in GPS. Our very own Marty Padgett is one of the...

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