When you think of T-Tops, what comes to mind? Maybe it is the Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason cult classic, Smokey and the Bandit. Or if you were into Cadillacs it could be memories of the power T-Tops in the ‘70s Eldorados. Interestingly enough the T-Top is a concept that has been around for somewhere near half a century. We saw telltale signs of them in the ‘50s concept cars and then the production versions in the ‘70s. Even more interesting, the Chevrolet Camaro may very well be the longest running car model available with T-Tops; the newest generation being the first not available with T-Tops…until now.

Drop Top Customs, owned by Convertible Builders LLC, will debut a T-Top conversion kit for the 2010 and newer Camaros at this years SEMA convention in Las Vegas. The car looks pretty cool and we bet it will spur a new set of Smokey and the Bandit movies. The kit is reported to cost $6,500 and be available starting mid-November this year. According to the President of Drop Top Customs, Jeff Moran, ““The installation utilizes our exclusive convertible understructure reinforcement. Most of these T-top Camaros will come supercharged, so there is no need for concern when you want to let your pony run.”

Supercharged and T-Tops…now that is where new meets old. Leave us a comment and let us know if you can’t live without one or think the ‘70s called and want their Camaro back. Personally, I think it is well done and continues the spirit of the Camaro.


[Source: DropTopCustoms.com]