We have been all over the 2011 Nissan LEAF since we first heard the car was coming to market. We have even been “green” with envy as people have driven the LEAF all around the world, but we have yet to see one at a mile high. However, our interest has been perked yet again with the latest video to hit the wire—this particular video shows aspects of the Nissan LEAF during the production process. The LEAF has really been at the forefront of change; the change isn't the actual electric driven car, but the ability to actually live with the electrically powered car. What do I mean by that? Basically, Nissan has opened the door to getting power recharge stations in the western region of the U.S., including California. I digress though. 

As our counterparts over at AllCarsElectric.com mentioned earlier, one of the interesting parts of the video is the production line where we see other vehicles from the Nissan family. More specifically, as you watch the video you will see the new Nissan Juke (see are recent article on the Juke here) and the boxy, but popular Nissan Cube. It is not only interesting from an “I spy”  For the technology buffs, the battery production section will captivate you.

Here is a bit of trivia…what car comes out of the assembly line most? Check the video below for the answer.