Ever heard that saying, “They just don’t make them like they used to.”? It is a saying that comes up fairly often in the classic car circle and it is the perception (I believe fueled by ‘80s cars) that newer cars just aren’t built to last. Without going all political or conspiracy theory on you, that perception hasn’t changed really as cars progress unless you talk to maintenance providers and dealer associations. The truth of the matter is that many, if not all, car companies put their vehicles through rigorous testing. Proof of that is the latest video from the Chevrolet Cruze team or Dept. 180, as they are known.

Now I have always believe you should take marketing videos with a grain of salt, but I have to admit this makes a compelling story. The thing I still want to know is what happens when the robots that paint the car go wrong. I am sure it is a small percentage of the time, but I want the Dept. 180 "behind the scenes" story. What happens when a vehicle doesn't get the paint job it is supposed to. I guess we will just have to keep our eyes pealed and see what the team publishes next. 

Check out what Chevrolet and this team of experts do to make sure that your new 2011 Chevrolet Cruze has the best paint finish possible.

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