Coda Automotive, the electric car company that many have overlooked until recently has just launched its new site detailing vehicle price, vehicle information and range information. 

 We’ve been guessing at the Sedan’s base price now for some time, but Coda have confirmed that the retail price of their first electric car will be $44,900 before state and federal tax incentives are applied. 

For Californian residents, the Coda Sedan will qualify for both the $7,500 federal tax credit and $5,000 state tax credit through California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, bringing the post-rebate price down to $32,400 for residents of the state residents. 

The four-door, five seat all-electric sedan has a predicted range of between 90 and 120 miles, putting it above the posted range of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, thanks to a 33.8 kilowatt-hour Lithium ion phosphate battery pack. 

The base price of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, before any tax incentives, is $32,780 in the U.S., but higher in other countries. That's $12,120 less than the starting price of the Coda Sedan.

Coda is also keen to point out that its battery pack features complete thermal management to cool or heat the batteries as required,  meaning the 2011 Sedan should operate at optimum level regardless of the outside temperature. 

Top speed is electronically limited to 80 mph, reached using the car’s 100 kilowatt motor capable of developing 221 lb-ft of torque.  

The 2011 Coda Sedan will also feature an on-board charger capable of charging the car at  up to 6.6 kilowatts. That translates to a recharge time of 6 hours for anyone using a 220V, 30A power supply. It will also be able to recharge using 120V outlets, but expect recharge times to be significantly longer. 

Other standard features of the Sedan include 17-inch alloy wheels, a satellite-ready AM/FM/ZM radio with USB/MP3 facility, Bluetooth hands-free system and integrated satellite navigation. Air conditioning is fitted as standard, and customers can choose between a leather interior, or one made from recycled fabric. 

Warranty comes in the form of a 3-year, 36,000 mile coverage for the vehicle and an 8-year, 100,000 mile cover for the battery pack.  Coda plan to offer all maintenance and service facilities using a network of trained technicians which the company plan to unveil later this year. 

The car will come in a range of colors, with pearl White, Midnight Black, Electric Blue and Platinum silver setting off the initial color schemes.  Another color, Sage Green, will be offered soon. 

Those wishing to reserve can do so now at Coda’s shiny new website in exchange for a $499 deposit

NOTE: An earlier version of this article carried a headline with the wrong price, which we have corrected above. We apologize for the error.