Telsa has always been a little unconventional in its approach to building and marketing it's cars, but its latest advertising campaign literally lifts Tesla above the competition.

For its latest publicity stunt, a full-size design model of the 2012 Tesla Model S greeted San Franciscans on Sunday morning as it hung suspended in the air.

Lifted by a giant crane through a giant second-floor window, the motorless model became the center piece of a new automotive exhibit at Autodesk Design Gallery on Market Street in the heart of the city--or as San Franciscans term it, "the City."

The gallery, which hosts a collection of vehicles designed using software designed by the Autodesk's own AutoCAD 3D software, contains some 20 exhibits.

Replacing the previous Ford Mustang Shelby at the heart of the exhibition, the Tesla Model S will be fully visible to the street below as it sits, framed by the giant neoclassical window arch it sits underneath.

Sited high above the popular tourist attraction, the vehicle is bound to attract a whole host of interest from visitors to the Embarcadero, farmers' markets and restaurants.

Set to debut late in 2012, the four-door Model S will offer all-electric motoring in a luxury sports sedan.

The early-morning car installation marks a busy period for the Californian Automaker, which is set to open it's 14th worldwide store at 41 Avenue Kléber, Paris in advance of the company's presence at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

The Paris store will serve Tesla owners throughout France, Belgium and the Netherlands and will be situated within walking distance of the iconic Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysées in the heart of the French capital. It will open for the first time on September 30.

But for visitors aiming to catch a glimpse of the high-flying Tesla S model in San Francisco, the car will be part of the Autodesk Design Gallery's exhibit for several months. Visitors are welcome every Wednesday between 12 and 5pm, with tours starting at 12:30pm.

With Nissan using a Polar bear for its latest 2011 Nissan Leaf advert, and Tesla hoisting a car into a second story window, we can't help but ask: What's next?