Buying a car is one of those things that I believe you either love or you hate. Some people dread going into a car dealership, especially if they have a limited knowledge of automobiles. is here to help with the following Top Five tips for buying a new small car. Following these tips, the experience might be better than you could ever imagine—or at least we hope.


  1. Know what your budget is before you start shopping for your new car. This is important because only you know what you can reasonably handle in your monthly budget. Being armed with the highest price that you are willing to pay for the car will keep you out of trouble and let you calculate your payments in advance.
  2. Get financing ahead of time from your bank or credit union. Pre-qualifying for the loan will save you time and hassle at the dealership. It will also prevent you from paying an inflated interest rate if you can’t qualify at the dealer. Go in ready to buy with your loan in hand.
  3. Shop , Shop, Shop. Don’t be afraid to look around and see what deals are going on at each car dealer. Be sure you test-drive the car you are looking for several times and at different times of daylight or nighttime. Most of all, take your time looking at the cars you are interested in—even if it means going back several times.
  4. Don’t be afraid to walk away. Sometimes sales people try to pressure you into looking and buying all in the same day…heck sometimes even the same hour. If you are feeling pressure, then walk away and come back another time. A car purchase is a big deal, so make them work for your business. If they treat you badly on your visit, then walk out and find yourself another dealership. If they aren’t giving you the deal you are looking for, try walking away for a couple days. Trust me, the cars will always be there.
  5. Check insurance costs. If you aren’t used to paying full coverage for a new or leased car, then you might be in for a shock after you buy your new car. Be sure you check into this while setting your budget in step 1. Remember, full coverage is required on all financed and leased cars.


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