The boys over at Top Gear sometimes have too much fun. Sometimes it is hard to tell what they are actually doing, but in any case they are entertaining. Many of us have faced the reality of wanting a small car, but being worried that it won't fit the lifestyle that we live. Once again, Jeremy, Richard and James prove to the world that small cars can do more than you think.

In the below video you will witness the guys trying to load a St. Bernard into a Toyota iQ (Scion iQ here in the States) and two other dogs into two other small cars. The resulting lap of the track is good for a laugh, but it does have some value. If you can get a St. Bernard into an iQ and still have room to drive and video tape, then you can probably get by just fine on a daily basis. Besides, here in the U.S. that is what making friends with people that have pick-up trucks is all about. Enjoy the Friday night video and be sure to check out the latest stories right here at like the update on Buick's future model line-up and Volvo's new crossover.