Luxgen EV+

Luxgen EV+

While some automakers downsized and reorganized in response to the "Great Recession" one Taiwanese brand made its worldwide debut at the Dubai International Motor Show late last month.  

Luxgen, an electric vehicle start-up, put four vehicles on display at the show, one of which, they called the first seven-passenger electric vehicle in the world - a claim that's hard to refute. Though the Tesla Model S will seat 7, two of those seats are designed for small children.

Luxgen's other contributions to the show were a "luxury executive transportation vehicle, (Luxgen CEO), a luxury MPV (Luxgen MPV) and a Luxury SUV (Luxgen7SUV)."

Luxgen's seven-passenger people mover is called the EV+ and it looks eerily similar to the six-passenger Mazda5. The company partnered with Taiwanese smart phone maker, HTC, to employ an impressive array of technologies in the vehicle, including a night-vision forward-looking camera and a 360-degree imaging system that sounds a lot like Infiniti's Around View Monitor.

The new EV maker will initially market the vehicles in the Middle East although the CEO luxury car will be built to order. Deliveries are expected some time this year.

Source: The Auto Channel, Luxgen