To many, the chance to drive a Tesla Roadster Sport may only be a dream.  Its high price and lack of usefulness as your primary, only car may put it out of reach to us ordinary folk.  Dreaming about driving a Tesla Roadster and having the unique chance to actually pilot one are two entirely different things.  Now you have the chance to make your dream reality.

Don't worry there won't be any penny pinching or saving bottles returns for the next century to save up enough cash for a Roadster.  In fact, this unique chance to test drive a Roadster won't cost you anything but a fraction of your time.  Best of all, you may even become slightly famous in the process.

Here's the way to get seat time behind the wheel of the 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport.  Submit an article to High Gear Media (our parent company) between December 8th and December 31st.  Submit as many articles as you please.  The best article will be selected at the end of the contest and the author of the article will be in for the ride of their life.

The winner will be flown to San Francisco to visit the Tesla facility.  The winner will also have access to Tesla personnel for a one on one interview.  Then, he or she will head on out for an exclusive test drive of the Roadster with High Gear Media Executive Editor Marty Padgett.

Here's you chance for fame.  After the drive, the winner will have to opportunity to post a review of the Roadster experience.  The review will be posted on the High Gear Media network for millions to view.

If interested, click on the Tesla banner on this site and any of our other network sites for additional information.

We will certainly be envious of the selected winner.  Wish it could be one of us, but unfortunately we are ineligible.