The huge SEMA show, mecca of car modifications from awful to awesome, now attracts even manufacturers, who commission custom versions of production cars in hopes that hotness will rub off on them. Even Toyota showed the Prius Aerius and Aemulus this year.

But the real action is in the aftermarket accessories.  And has rounded up its seven favorite aftermarket accessories for hybrid cars, many of which apply to the Toyota Prius. All of them, coincidentally, are available through the site's online store.

Number One: EV Button Kit, $69

The Number One choice is the $69 EV Button kit, which can be fitted to any second-generation 2004-2009 Toyota Prius. (It's a standard feature on the 2010 Prius.)

It's a replica of the original button fitted in Asia and Europe but omitted from U.S.-market models.

2010 toyota prius modellista 003

2010 toyota prius modellista 003

2010 toyota prius modellista 001

2010 toyota prius modellista 001

2010 toyota prius modellista 005

2010 toyota prius modellista 005

Known in some European countries as the "Cheating Husband Button" (because it allowed the driver to force the car to keep its engine off and run electrically for short distances),  the EV button "gives you a sweet taste of things to come from plug-in hybrids," as the site says.

Number Two:  Kiwi Diagnostics Game, $289

The second choice was the $289 Kiwi Diagnostics Game, which plugs into the under-hood On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port on any Prius.

The game rewards smart driving behavior and staying under the speed limit, and imposes penalties for heavy braking, full-speed acceleration, and speeding. The smart driving will also help keep your car insurance rates low.

Number Three: Modellista Aero Tourer Kit, $3,095

Third came the Modellista Aero Tourer add-on aerodynamics kit for the 2010 Toyota Prius. We think this one really looks neat, though its cost ($3,095) relegates it to a pure indulgence rather than a fuel-economy aid.

As notes, it's perfect for those who are "tired of [their] Prius being called an ultra-nerdy appliance on wheels."

And for the rest ...

Check for their full list of seven Toyota Prius accessories, including the one that got the site's commenters all upset.