• Saab 9-3 EV electric prototype shown by NEVS, 2014

    After Saab Automobiles vanished from the U.S. market three years ago, the bankrupt remains of the Swedish brand and its factory in Trollhattan were bought by a Chinese company. Its goal was to recast Saab as a maker of electric vehicles, and this week Swedish engineers presented a prototype of a Saab 9-3 running entirely on battery electricity, according to Just-Auto. The company that owns Saab, called New Electric Vehicles Sweden (NEVS), was recently sued by an unpaid supplier, putting its future in some doubt. DON'T MISS: Saab May Not Be Saved After All: New Owner May Be Forced Into...

  • 2011 Toyota Prius with PLUS Performance Package
    Toyota Adds Prius Plus Performance Package To Hot Up Hybrid Handling

    Pretty much every Toyota Prius hybrid you see on the streets looks the same. Wild customization is generally limited to personalized plates that promote the driver's green credentials, solar panels, eco-living, or general hybrid luv-luv-LUV. That's about to change. Toyota announced today it will...

  • Toyota Prius EV-Mode button kit
    Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Accessories For Your Toyota Prius

    The huge SEMA show, mecca of car modifications from awful to awesome, now attracts even manufacturers, who commission custom versions of production cars in hopes that hotness will rub off on them. Even Toyota showed the Prius Aerius and Aemulus this year. But the real action is in the aftermarket...

  • Aptera 2e Production Design
    Final Aptera 2e Styling Leaked, We Drive the Electric 3-Wheeler

    To green-car fans, the idea of an ultra-aerodynamic electric two-seater sounds pretty familiar, right? Think the late, lamented EV1 from General Motors, subject of the controversial documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? But for more than 4,000 people who've put down deposits on the 2011 Aptera...

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