Back at it again, the Ford Fusion Hybrid has won yet another award.  Add this new one to the list which includes the vehicles recent selection as Car and Driver's 10 Best.  The newest award presented to the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the 2010 Earth, Wind, & Power Award for green car of the year.

The Fusion was chosen for the award for numerous reasons.  Ford's ability to offer a hybrid vehicle for sale nationwide at a base price of just $27,625 is one reason as is the Fusion's gas mileage ratings of 41 mpg city and 36 mpg highway.  The Fusion Hybrid is also the first American hybrid able to fully move under electric power alone.  Yes, the Escape Hybrid can also move under electric power, but it losses that ability with the A/C on making it partially able to move under electric power.

As has been stated before, the Fusion Hybrid ins its share of awards not for being a hybrid, but for being an all around vehicle.  It offers sporty driving characteristics, room for five, high quality materials, good gas mileage, and does so in a familiar package that buyers like. 

For Ford, few competitors exist that can challenge the Fusion Hybrid.  Competition comes from the Nissan Altima Hybrid which is only available in select states, the Toyota Camry hybrid, which lacks the fun to drive quotient of the Fusion, and possibly the Toyota Prius, which lacks mainstream appeal due to its dedicated hybrid design and lacks the performance aspect that the Fusion has.

Congrats to Ford once again for its efforts on the Ford Fusion Hybrid.