November sales numbers are in and once again hybrids are gaining ground in the automotive market.

Total vehicles sale for November rose by only a handful of vehicles.  This November, sales came in at 746,928 versus last November at 746,789.  Though overall sales rose by a barely perceivable amount, hybrid sales rose considerably.  Hybrids sales increase 21 percent over last year bringing their November total to 20,003.  Hybrids now represent 2.7 % of the automotive market, a small number that has risen slowly over time.

In the lead for hybrid sales is of course the Toyota Prius.  The Prius sold 9,617 copies in November with its next closest competitor the Toyota Camry at just 1,465 units.  Rounding out the rest of the top sellers is the Honda Insight at 1,403, the Ford Fusion at 1,401 and the Lexus RX at 1,210.

Toyota's dominance in the hybrid category continues.  The company accounts for around 75% of the total hybrid sales volume.  Toyota sold 14,473 hybrids in November.  All other automakers combined for only 5,530 units.

Toyota's continuing commitment to hybrid vehicles will keep them in the lead for a long time to come.  The Prius, with remarkable and virtually unflappable sales numbers continues to shine amongst hybrid vehicles.

Source:  Green Car Congress