Sure we are excited about electric cars and their ability to displace petroleum, but who wouldn't be thrilled about the idea of a pure electric plane?

Since hasn't been started yet we might as well talk about it here.

A few weeks ago a Chinese start-up called Yuneec International unveiled the world's first commercially produced pure electric aircraft, the E430.

The E430 is a small 2-seat aircraft that weighs less than 1000 pounds. It is powered entirely by electricity supplied by on-board lithium-ion polymer batteries running a 40Kw electric motor.

The aircraft has already flown about 20 hours in test flights.

The 28.6 pound lithium ion battery packs each store 30 amp-hours and the plane can be loaded with either 6 packs for a 2 hour flight or 10 packs for a 2-1/2 hour flight.

The plane is described as simple to fly, quiet, smooth, and vibration free.

In the video below the plane is shown flying in Camarillo CA before the OshKosh AirVenture show.

Pricing details have not yet been released.

Source (Yuneec)