Comet Charging Point

Comet Charging Point

UK electronics retailer, Comet, has installed an EV charging point at their store in Croydon, South London. The "Plug & Go" charger offers 240 volts AC at 13 amps and is available to any EV driver who requests a key via email or at the customer help desk. (The outlet is presumably locked up to prevent hooligans from tampering with it.) As for the price of the juice, well, there isn't one. Of course the availability of a charger will encourage EV owners to shop, or at least park at the store.

As EVs become more common the line between vehicle sales and electronics sales is blurring. In May, we reported that Best Buy planned to offer a range of electric vehicles in addition to the Brammo Enertia motorcycle, which they've already committed to selling. Comet seems to be plotting a similar course.

"As an electrical specialist we need to respond to customer demand and with electric vehicles set to revolutionize city living over the next few years, it is only right that we look to sell them as part of our offer," says Comet's managing director, Hugh Harvey.

Charging point availability has been a major obstacle for proponents of EVs. While the general public questions the practicality of a modern vehicle that has to be charged every 200 miles, EV advocates have long argued that strategically placed outlets would address the concern. Whether there's enough interest to build charging networks remains to be seen, but Comet is willing to take the first step. If this Plug & Go is successful, additional charging points will be installed at their other UK locations.

If only Comet was as forward thinking about their logo.

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