Kyle with his family Toyota Prius and the new 2010 Honda Insight he drives

Kyle with his family Toyota Prius and the new 2010 Honda Insight he drives

Yesterday we introduced Kyle, our Silicon Valley teenage reviewer who's only ever driven hybrid cars. He's now been using a 2010 Honda Insight for two months after driving the family's Toyota Prius for six.

Our first piece yesterday covered Kyle's overall impressions; over the next few days, we'll drill down into the specifics. Today's topic: On-the-road behavior, specifically handling and overall maneuverability.

How do the 2010 Insight and the Toyota Prius compare for maneuverability and handling?

The Honda handles much better.  It also has a really cool steering wheel that's more pleasant to grip.  

In the rain, if I took any hard turns in the Prius, it would skid out a little. Honda has done much better and, overall, I think it's a better drive.  

I like the feel of the Prius's acceleration, though; it's much smoother and quieter. On the other hand, the Prius has really sensitive and touchy brakes.

ADVANTAGE: 2010 Honda Insight.

Leaving aside the sliding-wheels-in-the-rain issue (we know Kyle's dad, too, so we're not getting in the middle of that discussion!), Kyle's impressions pretty much square with other reviews.

The older Toyota Prius just isn't a fling-it-through-the-curves kind of car, whereas Honda usually creates light, precise, tightly buttoned-down small cars.

COMPARE: 2009 Toyota Prius vs 2010 Honda Insight

Tomorrow we'll cover one of the most important facets of any car, especially for families: interior space. Until then, Kyle's first report is linked below.

Part I: Toyota Prius vs 2010 Honda Insight: Kyle's Unique Comparison Test

2010 Honda Insight

2010 Honda Insight