2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

We love us our Interwebz, truly we do. How else would we have gotten a note from the Prius Butterfly Girl's Mum, in New Zealand, only two days after we pictured her?

Perplexed? Let us elucidate.

In our spare time (hah!), we also run a blog called AllAboutPrius.com, another arm of the expanding High Gear Media universe. As you may have guessed, that blog covers...the Toyota Prius.

With the new 2010 Toyota Prius just days away from landing at your local dealer, we've been covering every facet of the car. Over the last several days, that's included the remarkable TV commercials in Toyota's new "Harmony" marketing campaign.

The ads are really quite clever. Taking off on the tagline, "Harmony Between Man, Machine and Nature," they use hundreds of extras in brightly colored leotards to represent green fields, blue waterfalls, yellow flowers, and all the rest of nature.

There's even a making-of-the-ad video, which in some ways is more interesting than any single ad. In our post describing it, we pulled our favorite shot: a little girl in a pink butterfly costume, as shown in the opening photo.

Lo and behold, two days later in the Comments section, we found a note from "The Mum":

I'm the mum of that butterfly child! The ad was filmed in New Zealand.

We immediately corrected our mention of "Australian" accents; no Kiwi likes to be mistaken for an Aussie. But we remain awed and charmed at the power of Internet to make unlikely connections.

And, ahem, corrections.

And special BONUS YouTube clip: