Renault has a standing commitment with Nissan Motor Company to use batteries supplied by them for EVs in the near future, but Renault has started working on a new battery technology still years away from use.

Renault's relationship with Nissan and a joint venture with Automotive Energy Supply Corp. will supply the company with lithium ion batteries to power EV vehicles.  The lithium ion batteries will be utilized in upcoming Renault EVs and possible hybrid vehicles.  But Renault is not content with only one battery source.

Renault is working on securing an additional battery source with the help of supplier A123 Systems.  A123 Systems is currently developing a new battery that uses cathodes of lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4.  Renault is not the only company working with A123 Systems, GM has taken interest too.

The new LiFePO4 batteries need additional development time before they will come to market.  Currently, the LiFePo4 battery can only output 134 wh per kg.  Compared to current lithium ion batteries that offer higher current at 161 wh per kg.

The new battery technology may at some point allow Renault to reach numbers they have set as goals for batteries which include costing less than $406 per kilowatt hour with a range of 60 plus miles and a lifespan of eight or more years.

Source:  Wards Auto