2012 Tesla Model S prototype

2012 Tesla Model S prototype

How would you like to test drive a Tesla Model S today? Too bad. Unless you've already committed to buying one, this video is probably as close as you'll get - at least until it reaches showrooms in 2011.

Venture capitalist, and first Model S customer, Steve Jurvetson, on the other hand, sat shotgun while Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, demonstrated the stereo's capacity for "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below," among other things.

The video gives you an idea of what the Model S will look like from the cockpit at night although Mr. Musk mentions that the production version will be refined and allow customizable themes for the touchscreen interface.

Mr. Jurvetson, who already owns a Tesla Roadster, asks Musk about the handling at one point, leading to an impromptu demonstration. The result is one giddy, rich future Model S owner in the passenger seat. Live vicariously, EV devotees.

Source: YouTube