Kia's star of the Geneva Auto Show that is currently underway is a small, multipurpose vehicle called the Kia No. 3 Concept Car referred to as the MPV.  But Hybrid and electric car enthusiasts will be more interested in the stand of hybrid versions of the Cee'd alongside the MPV concept.

Alongside the new concept, Kia has released several new versions of the Hybrid Cee'd.  The hybrid Cee'd will undergo fleet testing shortly throughout Europe.  According to Kia, the Cee'd powertrain will be a 1.6 liter Kia Gamma 4 cylinder gasoline engine along with a 15-kw electric motor with a continuously variable transmission.  The hybrid Cee'd utilizes Kia ISG tecnology wwhich allows the engine to shut down at idle, a similar system is used on non-hybrid versions of the Cee'd that are already available for purchase throughout Europe.

According to Kia, the hybrid version of the Cee'd is expected to get 49 miles per gallon in combined driving.  Once fleet testing is completed, the hybrid Cee'd will enter production.

Look for Kia to introduc additional hybrid and electric vehicles at upcoming auto show as they focus on hybrid and electric lineups to compliment their traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

 The 79th Geneva Auto Show runs from March 5th through March 15th.

Sources:, Kia