Here at I recently talked about the new 2009 MINI Clubman (catch up on the clubman blog here). Specifically, I talked about how the Clubman could offer those looking to join the MINI club an avenue for ownership if the original cramped their style. But what about the environment right? Well, now has a new offering on the horizon for the conscious consumers, the MINI E.  

Back in October of 2008,’s Marty Padgett educated us on BMW’s announcement that they would be the first auto manufacturer to market with a lithium-ion battery solution. The vehicle that would encapsulate this revolutionary new technology would be the appropriately named MINI E. For those of you who missed it, the MINI E is an all-electric vehicle with zero-emissions powered by a 204-hp electric motor coupled to a single speed gearbox. It is estimated that the MINI E would propel you from 0-60 mph in a brisk 8.5 seconds. Another exciting part of the MINI E is that BMW plans to lease a set number of MINI Es for a year ahead of the consumer launch in order to evaluate the real world performance of the EV. 


MINI E Schematic

MINI E Schematic

On that note, our partners over at reported that the Chief of BMW of North America LLC’s MINI Division in the U.S., Jim McDowell, said that the first group of MINI E lessees would be announced this month. Currently, the plan is to lease around 250 of the vehicles in the Los Angeles area and another 200 and some vehicles in the New York Metropolitan area. All of the applicants, some 1800 people, are required to have a locked garage and will have to pay a lease fee of $850 a month during the one year lease.

Bottom line, BMW is bringing new and exciting models to the MINI line-up with the recent addition of the Clubman, Clubman John Works Edition and MINI E. The MINI may very well be the most trendy and stylish car to try and meet the small, sustainable and spacious consumer categories.

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