Former McLaren designer, Jim Dowle (now of his own company JJAD) is creating an electric sports car and the specs sound promising.

Instead of the previously announced, gasoline powered P1 project which was originally intended to compete with the Lotus Exige, the P1-E will have a four-wheel drive electric drivetrain powered by dual electric motors. Regenerative braking on each wheel will help charge the lithium-ion batteries storing the power for the car. Plus, it's got gullwing doors, to boot.

JJAD expects a 230 mile range per charge and a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds. That's Bugatti Veyron territory for the bargain price of $75,000.

"Since February we've been busy finalising the specification, fine-tuning the styling and seeking appropriate funding, and plan to have our first prototype up and running during 2009," says Dowle. "Most of the programme's key partnerships are now in place, though we'd still welcome approaches from any companies interested in investing in our mould-breaking performance car. Another remaining task is to agree [on] its final name, P1-E being the project's code."

Was that a call for help?

Source: JJAD Press Release