Protoscar Lampo

Protoscar, the self-proclaimed Swiss "CleanCar Shapers," plan to introduce an electric sports car at the Geneva Motor Show. The 268 horsepower convertible LAMPO concept will be unveiled at the show on March 2nd.

The LAMPO uses an electric motor for each axle (the front for regenerative braking and the rear for acceleration). The motors develop a powerful 325 ft-lbs of instantly available torque which lasts up to 5,000 rpms. The car is powered by lithium ion batteries with a range of 125 miles per charge. Protoscar did not say how long these batteries will take to charge, but standard European outlets will be able to provide the juice.

Though Protoscar is comprised of only 14 people, their client list includes Daimler AG, General Motors, and Nissan all of which have devoted significant resources to developing their own electric cars. We'll wait for the Geneva Motor Show for more details.

Source: Protoscar