• Car2Go Smart Fortwo, in Portland

    About 18 percent of Americans have used a car-sharing program, according to new data.

  • Honda Fit used in ZipCar's ONE>WAY car-sharing service
    Drive A Honda Fit With ZipCar's New One>Way Car Sharing Service

    Want to drive the new 2015 Honda Fit subcompact without the high-pressure environment of a dealership test drive? You could do worse than to sign up for ZipCar's new ONE>WAY car-sharing service, which will use the new Fit exclusively when the model makes its debut. ONE>WAY could be the most...

  • Zipcar
    Carsharing Eats Into New-Car Sales, According To Study

    Car sharing is more popular than many have previously estimated, the study's authors say.

  • Zipcar
    Carsharing Rapidly Gets More Popular, But Where Are The Profits?

    Fueled by consumers disillusioned by the rising cost of driving and with less desire to own their own vehicles, the car sharing industry is growing rapidly. So rapidly, predicts Navigant Research, that global membership is forecast to have grown from around 2.3 million at the beginning of 2013 to...

  • Lyft car with trademark pink mustache (via Wikimedia)
    California Figures Out Regulation For Ridesharing Apps

    Ridesharing is now legal in California. The state has created a new set of regulations for this alternative transportation system.

  • Zipcar will add the 2012 Ford Focus to its college car-sharing locations
    Carsharing Expands So Much It Even Arrives In Downtown Detroit

    Detroit has plenty of problems to work on these days, but that doesn't mean life can't go on as normal for its residents. That even extends to introducing the car-sharing schemes found in other big American cities to Downtown Detroit, as popular service Zipcar is doing. According to The Detroit...

  • Zipcar-funded study on Millennials and technology, February 2013

    Here's what we know about Millennials and their love/hate relationship with cars: In America, many folks born in the 1980s and 1990s grew up in wired homes and schools. When those folks were asked to choose between having a car or having access to the web, 64% chose the web. In fact, 32% said they couldn't live without it. Millennials also grew up with cell phones. Which probably explains why they think driving sucks, because, you know, it distracts them from texting. For a variety of reasons, fewer young people are getting their driver's licenses these days. In 1978, about 50% of America's...

  • BMW using 1-Series and MINI Cooper in DriveNow initiative
    BMW Earns Profit By The Minute With Car Sharing: Is Ownership Dead?

    In case you haven't heard: car sharing is big business. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of car-sharing companies. Zipcar -- America's pioneer in the sector -- represents one type, which is similar to a traditional rental car business, except it operates on a membership model. Renters pay...

  • Zipcar
    Avis Buys Zipcar: Car Sharing Becomes Big Business

    How important is car sharing to the future of personal transportation? Enough for car rental giant Avis to spend $500 million on car sharing company Zipcar--that's how important. The two companies have announced (via our sister site, TheCarConnection) that the Avis Budget Group has agreed to...

  • Zipcar
    Will Zipcar Add Ridesharing--Further Reducing Need For Cars?

    Those in the car industry can see a paradigm shift approaching. And it could start to make things quite difficult for car companies. More people than ever before are living in cities. These congested spaces are becoming less and less suitable for cars--and a whole generation is growing up, buying...

  • 2013 Honda Fit EV drive event, Pasadena, CA, June 2012
    ZipCar Adds 2013 Honda Fit EV To San Francisco Car-Share Fleet

    If you live in a busy city and don’t use a car on a daily basis, making use of a car-sharing service like ZipCar is certainly one of the greener ways to get behind the wheel of a car when you need to. It’s no surprise then, that ZipCar’s fleet already includes some of the greenest...

  • Autolib'
    Can Electric Car-Sharing Promote Social Mobility? Discuss

    In the developed world, we often think of ourselves as living in a classless society. But in fact, huge disparities still exist between the haves and the have-nots. Can car-sharing bridge the gap? Paris' city council seems to think so, and it's launched an electric car-sharing company to prove its...

  • Car2Go Smart Fortwo, in Portland

    You've probably heard about what a model green city Portland, Oregon is, or how Portlanders shy away from car ownership—and, perhaps, how they can be a little uncomfortably earnest and politically correct. Is that how it really is? In short, yes. Now Portland, Oregon residents have another potential way to out-green their neighbors or co-workers: By not even owning an electric car, but by car-sharing one. Car2Go is planning to add 30 Smart Electric Drive—yes, they're all-electric cars—to its already significant fleet of 250 cars in Portland. And with the announcement, Car2Go...

  • car2go - Washington, D.C.
    Renting Electric, Hybrid And Green Cars: What Are Your Options?

    If you drive an electric car, hybrid, diesel or other green vehicle day-to-day, you might like to know that you can rent similar when you go abroad, or even when you fly across country to visit relatives. Luckily, many rental and car-sharing firms offer green vehicles on their fleets, and some even...

  • Zipcar Facebook app
    Renting By The Hours: Enterprise Follows Zipcar, Hertz

    Zipcar, it appears, has uncovered a niche that’s no longer ignorable by large rental car firms scrambling for market share and sales growth. Hourly car rentals have grown into an estimated $1.8 billion business in the U.S., which represents nearly six-percent of the $30.5 billion U.S. rental...

  • 2012 Honda Insight EX with Navigation
    Zipcar To Offer More Honda Hybrids, CR-V Crossovers For Car-Sharing

    Car sharing services are often viewed as a green transportation alternative, the idea being that users may not need to own a car--or can dispense with a second vehicle--that they only use occasionally. Now Zipcar says it plans to add more 42-mpg Honda Insight subcompact hybrid hatchbacks, as well...

  • Wheelz
    Zipcar Aims At College Students Again With Wheelz Investment

    Owning a car isn't easy these days, particularly if you're a student. That's why firms like Wheelz Inc, a peer-to-peer car-sharing company aimed at college students, has caught the attention of Bill Ford Jr.'s Fontinalis Partners LLC, and car-sharing company Zipcar. Detroit News reports that the...

  • Zipcar will add the 2012 Ford Focus to its college car-sharing locations
    Forget Ford, Honda, Toyota: Is Zipcar A Brand Of Car Now?

    Not so long ago, car-sharing was routinely dismissed by carmakers as a thing that silly San Franciscans might do, but real Americans wouldn't. But that view is changing, fast. In August, Ford said it would provide 1,000 cars to Zipcar over two years, largely as a way to get college-age drivers and...

  • Zipcar will add the 2012 Ford Focus to its college car-sharing locations

    If you're an automaker, how do you get the next generation of car buyers to pay attention to your new models? One way has traditionally been by putting your cars into rental fleets. But some companies only rent to drivers 25 and up, so what to do about college students? For Ford, there's now a one-word answer: Zipcar. Zipcar on campus The popular and growing car-sharing service [NSDQ:ZIP] has made a concerted effort to place its cars on or near college campuses, offering students the options of cars when they need them without the burden and cost of parking, insurance, and maintenance when...

  • Zipcar
    Car-Sharing Services Like Zipcar Grow, But Is It Viable Business?

    With fuel prices going the way they are, and it getting harder and harder to find a parking spot in most congested cities these days, the increasing popularity of car-sharing schemes is hardly surprising. In fact, the industry is getting so popular that individuals and automakers alike are getting...

  • Zipcar
    Zipcar's Stock Price Zooms Upward After IPO

    Car-sharing startup Zipcar went public on Thursday and saw its shares rise 56 percent in the latest example of a strong recovery for the initial public offering market. The shares started at $18 and closed at $28 today. In after-hours trading, the stock is up another 19 cents. ALSO SEE: More Zipcar...

  • Zipcar
    Is Zipcar Car-Sharing Service Finally Going Public?

    Car-sharing service Zipcar has priced its initial public offering between $14 and $16 per share as it inches closer to finally going public on the NASDAQ stock market under the ticker “ZIP”, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Zipcar is looking to...

  • Mini and BMW 1-Series offered through BMW's DriveNow car-sharing service
    BMW: The Newest 'Ultimate Car-Sharing Machine'? Maybe Soon

    Oh, those wacky Germans and their car-sharing schemes. BMW said yesterday that it would launch a pilot car-sharing program, first in Munich and then in Berlin, starting next month. The cooperative venture with Sixt AG will be called DriveNow. BMW says DriveNow will be the "first-ever car-sharing...

  • Toyota exec Frank Miller and Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith
    Testing A Plug-In Prius Or Volt Gets Easier For Civilians

    With cars like the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf already on sale, plus a handful of startups either selling or building battery-powered cars on U.S. soil, it’s safe to say that the electric car revolution is truly upon us. Sadly, the cost of entry to be a part of this revolution is still...

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