Panamera S Hybrid

  • 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid live photos

    Steady-speed highway cruising doesn't actually take that much energy compared to accelerating up to, say, 70 mph in the first place. The really hard part is getting consistently high gas mileage in all driving conditions--which is why the 50-mpg Toyota Prius hybrid is still a remarkable vehicle. Does 52 mpg at 70 mph sound impressive to you? Well, Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press managed to get that level of fuel economy in the 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid he just tested. (He also tested a Panamera S Turbo; let's just say its twin-turbo V-8 engine did not produce anywhere near that...

  • Porsche Panamera Diesel
    Porsche Panamera Diesel: The High-MPG Porsche You Can't Have

    Introduced for 2010, the Porsche Panamera horrified purists but lured buyers all over the world. It was Porsche's first-ever four-door sedan, built in part for the burgeoning Chinese market, and its humpbacked styling is ... well, let's just say ... polarizing. Now Porsche has unveiled the most...

  • 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid launch, New York Auto Show, April 2011
    2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid: 2011 New York Auto Show Live Photos

    We first saw it at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show but this time it’s making its North American debut, where else but at this week’s 2011 New York Auto Show. We’re talking about, of course, the 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, which was put up on display next to a new high-performance...

  • Porsche's re-created 1900 Semper Vivus hybrid drives across the floor at media event, April 2011
    2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid With 111-Year-Old Ancestor (VIDEO)

    Did you hear? Last night, Porsche showed a series hybrid vehicle (analagous to the Chevy Volt) with a radically different design from any of its latest line of hybrids. Its pair of 1.7-liter single-cylinder engines powers a generator that flows electric power to a pair of front wheel motors, each...

  • Ford B-Max Concept
    Green Car Roundup: Production Cars At 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    This year's Geneva Motor Show was absolutely crammed with concept cars. But amidst all the outrageous styling and one-of-a-kind features, several important production cars showed up as well. Not all of them were called production cars, mind you. Toyota, Ford, and Audi all showed off new models...

  • 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid
    2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid Revealed Ahead Of Geneva Debut

    It's no secret that Porsche has a new found love affair with vehicle electrification, having unveiled its first hybrid model ever last year, the 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid, as well as teasing fans with high-performance hybrids such as the 911 GT3 R Hybrid and 918 Spyder. Porsche even unveiled an...

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