• Volkswagen Up online sales in Denmark (promotional video screenshot)

    Volkswagen is now selling its Up city car online, but only in Denmark.

  • 2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011
    Tesla Finally Gets Domain; Could Name Change Follow?

    Tesla Motors now owns the domain name ""

  • Frame from 'A Good Deal for All' video, by National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), June 2014
    Auto Dealers Try Charm: Why Tesla Direct Sales Hurt Buyers, They Say (Video)

    The battle between Tesla Motors, which sells its electric cars directly to buyers over the Internet, and the nation's auto dealers--who want to make that practice illegal--is now in its fifth year. And for the very first time, the dealers' national trade organization has embarked on a charm...

  • 2012 Tesla Model S, brief test drive, New York City, July 2012
    What Are Tesla Model S Drivers Browsing In Their Connected Cars?

    One of the alluring features of the Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan is its always-on 3G 4G cellular connection and built-in Internet browser. But have you ever wondered what all those wealthy electric-car drivers are actually looking at on their in-car browsers? Now we know. Or at least we have...

  • 2013 Tesla Model S
    Tesla Cars To Use AT&T Wireless Internet Service

    AT&T will support the many Model S functions that rely on wireless Internet connections.

  • Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid Unboxing Video
    Volvo Unboxes V60 Plug-in Hybrid...Literally

    Unless you’ve been living in a tech-free bubble for the past decade, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the unboxing video. Common since Internet video-sharing site YouTube became popular, the archetypal unboxing video documents the almost ceremonial removal of a new computer...

  • Green Car Reports redesign preview

    We're rather proud of our redesign, and our readers' response to the new GreenCarReports look couldn't have been better: We got several compliments, and not a single complaint. Which is pretty unheard of, in our experience. However, if you like the redesign but the font looks funny--as it did on several of our machines--we may have a solution. Turns out that if you're running the old Windows XP operating system, you need to turn on a function called ClearType to make it all render properly. Here's the list of steps: In the Start menu, click on the Control Panel Then click on the Display icon...

  • Green Car Reports redesign launch graphic
    Welcome To The All-New, Redesigned Green Car Reports!

    It's here! It's done! It's live! Yes, you are now reading the all-new, totally redesigned Green Car Reports, with our sister site All Cars Electric incorporated to provide the in-depth electric car coverage it's always been known for. As always, our goal is to provide the best, more comprehensive...

  • All Cars Electric's New Home on the Internet
    Join All Cars Electric As We Move To Green Car Reports Next Week!

    If you’re a regular at All Cars Electric You’ll know that we have a sister site, Green Car Reports. Together, we’ve been covering the latest news in plug-in vehicles and other green cars for quite some time. In the past few years we’ve seen electric cars move from vaporware...

  • All Cars Electric's New Home on the Internet
    Next Week, We Welcome All Cars Electric Into Green Car Reports

    Many regular Green Car Reports readers also visit our sister site, All Cars Electric. Now we're pleased to announce that next week, the two sites will become a single destination, adding heft, expertise, and depth to our coverage of plug-in electric cars on a totally redesigned Green Car Reports...

  • Prius Online fantasy game, screenshot by
    Baby Dies While Parents Play Obsessively With Prius Online

    We know that Prius owners love their cars. Sometimes they talk endlessly about them, their great fuel efficiency, how cool the all-electric mode is, and so forth. But could you get so enthusiastic about Prius that you'd let your own child starve to death? Good. We didn't think so. And, no, it's not...

  • 2009 Toyota FT-EV II
    Toyota Goes Steampunk With New Electric-Car Concept for Tokyo

    It hasn't been a great year for Toyota in the U.S., with a recall of 3.8 million vehicles for possible floor-mat hazards and a dire shortage of 2010 Prius hybrid models. So we were delighted to see the Toyota FT-EV II electric car concept for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, to prove that the company...

  • Help Wanted, by Flickr user Egan Snow

    High Gear Media, the parent company of and more than three dozen other automotive websites, is now looking for editorial interns. They'll do a mix of writing, publishing, and editing content across our entire network car-related sites. Here's what we offer to our interns: stories published online under their own names a broad variety of web publishing experience and practical skills feedback and formal training from veteran editors an insider's look at how a venture-funded Internet media company runs interaction with product, marketing and business staff Here's what the...

  • Help Wanted, by Flickr user Egan Snow
    We're Looking For Editorial Interns; Know Anyone?

    Green Car Reports--or, more accurately, our parent High Gear Media--is looking for editorial interns who want to write, publish, and edit content for our network of 39 automotive sites. Here's what our interns get: a broad array of web publishing skills and experience published under their own...

  • 2009 teaser shot of Buick crossover plug-in hybrid, a rebadged Saturn Vue quickly dubbed the 'Vuick'
    GM's Plug-In Hybrid: Not a Saturn, Not a Buick, Will Try Again

    Just two weeks ago, we reported that GM's first plug-in hybrid vehicle--originally meant to be a Saturn Vue before GM decided to sell Saturn to Pennske--would become a Buick crossover. My, how quickly things change in the new Internet world. As GM said Wednesday on its Fastlane blog, "not all the...

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