If you’re a regular at All Cars Electric You’ll know that we have a sister site, Green Car Reports.

Together, we’ve been covering the latest news in plug-in vehicles and other green cars for quite some time.

In the past few years we’ve seen electric cars move from vaporware or golf carts into real, working, production cars that you can buy and drive. More than that, electric cars are starting to become mainstream, with the features and performance you’d expect from any other car. 

In short, electric cars have joined the mainstream and are helping us push towards a greener future. 

Which is why we will be joining forces with our colleagues at Green Car Reports to make the biggest, best website devoted to any and all green car information. 

Sometime next week, you’ll be able to find us in our new home at a thoroughly redesigned Green Car Reports. The site will feature a leaner, greener feel, quicker load times, and further improvements to the commenting system. 

Don’t worry, though; our editorial team isn’t changing at all.

Our coverage of electric cars will still be as good as ever, offering everything from the latest auto-show previews and exclusive first-drive reports to driving advice and even news on the latest charging technologies. 

If other forms of green cars (hybrids and diesels, say) aren’t your thing, you’ll be able to read only the electric-car stories by choosing the “Electric” tab on our combined front page. 

Just so you don’t miss out on all the fun, you may want to add Green Car Reports to your browser now, or add us to your Facebook or Twitter feeds.

And if you’re into other types of cars too, don’t forget that we’re part of the High Gear Media group, which includes great sites like Motor Authority, The Car Connection, Family Car Guide, and All Car Tech.

We’re really excited about the new site, and hope you will be too. See you over at Green Car Reports next week!