Honda promises more all-wheel-drive hybrids. Mitsubishi teases new EVs and hybrids for the U.S. And we run through why you shouldn’t need to buy EV tires as often in the future. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Honda has confirmed that it plans to make two million EVs annually by 2030. And, as part of a presentation outlining all that it hopes to achieve with EVs in the second half of the decade, it also revealed plans for a new generation of Honda all-wheel-drive hybrids coming soon. 

Mitsubishi on Thursday provided a rough idea of what its future U.S. lineup might look like for 2026 and beyond. Two models will bring the brand into new market segments, it says, and Mitsubishi EVs, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids are on the way. It didn’t provide any update on the reported Mitsubishi electric pickup to be shared with Nissan, though. 

And Michelin might be the top tire maker in the world, but it sees a future in which you won’t need to buy as many tires. That’s because in addition to radical innovations like airless tires and million-mile retreads, future EV tires with sustainable materials will last longer.


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