EV battery production for BMW is setting up south of the border. Ram aims to scale up its hydrogen fuel-cell muscle. And why do rural governments see EV charging as less important? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

BMW has started building a battery plant in Mexico that will provide more energy-dense cylindrical cells for longer range and faster charging in next-generation Neue Klasse EVs. If Inflation Reduction Act rules remain, the products might eventually qualify for the EV tax credit. 

As part of a commercial vehicle push, Stellantis plans a hydrogen fuel-cell Ram heavy-duty truck. Although details are yet to come, the decision to push well into the medium-duty sector with fuel cells coincides with other automakers’ decisions to shift away from fuel-cell passenger vehicles. 

And in what might be yet another example of an urban-rural divide, a recent University of Michigan survey suggested that EV charging is seen as less relevant to rural communities than to cities. While more local governments are interested versus a version of this survey in 2019, they’re still concerned about cost.


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