Toyota may be mulling a bigger role for diesel. Several states are stalling on adopting California’s EV mandate. And the Mustang Mach-E gets better in many different ways. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E boasts more range and faster charging—as well as quicker acceleration for much of the lineup—at a price thousands less than when the 2023 Mach-E arrived a year ago. The Mach-E now offers up to 320 miles of EPA range, according to Ford. Top-performance Mach-E GT versions with the Performance Upgrade are also now capable of outperforming the Tesla Model Y Performance, Ford claims. 

Despite long-held plans to align with California emissions standards, Connecticut and Maine have delayed adopting California’s EV sales mandate with recent decisions. EV advocates, concerned this will push out adoption of the rules to later in the decade, point to misinformation campaigns from fossil-fuel-funded groups. 

Toyota had previously suggested that it would stop selling diesels in passenger vehicles. But it continues to sell diesel SUVs across most regions, even in Europe. And in recent remarks an Australian executive for the company insisted that diesel “is not going to die off anytime soon,” and hinted that diesel might be paired with hybrid powertrains “particularly for heavy vehicles.”


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