Volvo revealed its first minivan, and it’s a long-range, road-trip-worthy EV. Karma has another new product plan. And why is it a problem that EV owners are driving less? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

With the full reveal of the Volvo EM90 electric minivan this past weekend—for now only positioned for China—Volvo is offering what might be its most luxurious interior ever. It’s also road-trip ready, with an even larger battery pack than the Swedish automaker uses for its EX90 SUV. 

Karma on Monday revealed plans for two upcoming Karma EVs, including a scissor-door sports car that won’t arrive until 2026 and an electric sedan due in 2024. It hasn’t yet detailed the future of the GS-6 (Revero) or that model’s plug-in series hybrid powertrain.

And according to a new study, EV owners aren’t driving as much as those with gasoline vehicles—and that’s a problem, partly because most models looking at EV advantages assume they’ll be used about as much. Meanwhile, gasoline “superusers” continue to choose the way of easy refueling, while many with long-range EVs and big, resource-intensive packs aren’t using them to their potential.


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