Hyundai is rushing plans to get its Georgia EV “Metaplant” up and running. Maserati is charging up dealerships for pending EV arrivals. And the Tesla Model 3 is the most-leased EV. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The Inflation Reduction Act and Biden EV policy—and especially the disadvantage they place on companies seeking to import EVs—has spurred Hyundai to rush plans to get it Georgia EV “Metaplant” humming earlier. Based on comments made by Hyundai’s top U.S. executive, it’s now aiming for Georgia-made Hyundai EVs in fall 2024

Leasing the Tesla Model 3 is a popular option—so popular that the Model 3 has earned a spot among the top 10 most leased vehicles. It’s not only the first time an EV has made the list as compiled by credit and financial analysis firm Experian; it’s also the only model on the list for which it effectively costs more to lease than to buy based on Experian’s calculations.

And Maserati is due to get a pair of fully electric models soon, and a supporting Maserati charging ecosystem is taking form. That includes preparing its dealerships with chargers, and backing drivers with charge-finding and route-planning assistance. It’s fair to say the brand’s era of electric false starts is history.


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