What will EV mode on your hybrid do? Lucid and Fisker want to sell vehicles in China soon. And support for the Tesla EV charging standard builds from charging networks and hardware makers. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

After last week’s announcement that GM will install the Tesla charge port (NACS) on its vehicles beginning in 2025—following Ford’s announcement last month—charging networks and stations are quickly jumping aboard in support. Although it’s not yet clear whether CCS adapters alone will allow stations with Tesla connectors to tap federal funds.

Two EV upstarts that originate in the U.S. are getting out in the world. Lucid and Fisker are preparing to sell vehicles in China, both confirmed this week. Lucid also reported deliveries have started in Saudi Arabia, while Fisker included plans to open a “delivery center” in China later this year, with sales starting in Q1 2024. 

Getting more mpg from your hybrid vehicle—especially if it’s a Toyota—may be as simple as making sure it’s in Eco mode. But beware that EV mode might not mean what you think it does, and might not boost your efficiency.


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