Lexus’ yoke remains on the way for the U.S.—later. Genesis’ GV70 electric SUV is much more expensive than its gasoline counterpart. Porsche thinks one-pedal driving isn’t efficient. Sakuu offers up the first solid-state cells for EVs. Rivian electric trucks make some nature-inspired sounds. And are plug-in hybrids emitting more than they’re supposed to? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Lexus has provided an update on its yoke interface and steer-by-wire system, and timing appears not to have changed as a result of Tesla’s recent decision to start offering steering wheels again on Model S and Model X. The Lexus yoke won’t arrive with that interface at launch in the U.S., but at some future date—just as the automaker has previously said. 

The Alabama-made 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 electric SUV costs much more than the gasoline version, the brand revealed last week. But if you consider its likely $3,750 tax credit and an ownership-cost advantage, the luxurious crossover might not seem quite as expensive. 

The sounds emitted by the Rivian R1T and R1S electric trucks were created from actual recorded bird calls, recorded at Yellowstone National Park. How’s that for an Easter Egg?

According to Porsche, one-pedal driving in EVs isn’t efficient. The more aggressive regenerative-braking settings in some models, including those from Tesla, allow drivers to use the brake pedal only for full stops in ordinary driving. And they lose energy when both accelerating and decelerating, the German automaker argues—so encouraging coasting is always going to be better, it argues. 

California’s Sakuu has claimed the first 3D-printed battery cells for EVs. The company also claims that 3D printing may enable solid-state chemistries sooner, enable custom form factors, and take less energy and raw materials to make. 

And are plug-in hybrids emitting more CO2 than manufacturers claim, even when they have a full charge? That’s what is claimed by the European environmental group Transport & Environment, based on a real-world test recently conducted together with Graz University of Technology. 


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