The EPA will offer credit for electricity generated with biofuels, but it’s still on the ethanol bandwagon. Megawatt changing hardware is coming to the Cybertruck. And Canoo delivers an electric truck for the Army. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Tesla confirmed megawatt charging tech for the Cybertruck and Semi. It involves a new, specially cooled cable but builds on the current Tesla connector (now dubbed NACS) rather than shifting toward the Megawatt Charging Standard (MCS) connector associated with CCS. 

The EPA on Thursday released proposed Renewable Fuel Standard targets for 2023-2025, calling to increase most types of biofuels and for the first time allowing biomethane—interchangeable with natural gas—for power generation used to charge EVs. But will it spur EV adoption or delay it? Those who typically side together on EVs appear to be polarized over potential outcomes. 

The startup Canoo has delivered a prototype electric Light Tactical Vehicle to the U.S. Army. That fulfills a July contract, and while it’s only one vehicle it will determine whether the Army commits to ordering production versions of the electric truck, which is also bound for Walmart fleets in van form, as a delivery vehicle. 

And if you're shopping for a new electric car this weekend, there's a chance of getting a somewhat better deal on some Tesla models. The automaker is offering a $3,750 discount on the Model 3 and Model Y, in some instances, through December. That happens to be the same amount that many of those models are expected to qualify for starting January 1, under the revamped EV tax credit.


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