Tesla has hiked the price of Full Self-Driving. Fisker is looking for more production space for its Ocean. BYD is entering Europe on its own—and, perhaps, heading into Tesla battery packs. And the EV tax credit revamp has triggered a massive price hike in EV and PHEV lease prices. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

In recent days, EV and PHEV lease prices have soared. That’s mostly because a vast swath of models are no longer eligible for the EV tax credit, and captive lease firms are passing some or all of that amount along to the consumer. 

Fisker says that it’s exploring ways to expand production of its upcoming Ocean electric SUV beyond its originally intended 50,000 units per year. That might potentially mean production in the U.S.—which might make the model, which starts at $37,499 in Ocean Sport form, once again eligible for the EV tax credit. 

China’s BYD is entering the European market on multiple fronts. While it announced earlier this month how it plans to sell its passenger cars in Germany, Sweden, and beyond, it’s also reportedly delivering its LFP Blade batteries to Tesla’s Giga Berlin plant for installation in vehicles as soon as late August. 

And Tesla has hiked the price of what it calls Full Self-Driving—to $15,000 as of September 5. With its latest version 10.69 software, it’s also expanding the city-street beta-testing that has generated much controversy in recent months. 


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