GM’s luxury brand previews its flagship model. Ford is ready to push a robotic charging system out for broader use. And not all EVs stumble on the early ownership experience—Mercedes and Kia have models that buck the trend. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The Kia EV6 and Mercedes-Benz EQS outperformed equivalent gas models in J.D. Power’s annual customer-appeal study, assessing the ownership experience in the first 90 days. The firm noted that hybrids and plug-in hybrids didn’t do as well as non-electrified gasoline models, although these top-performing EVs show that there are sweet spots for EVs with a lot of tech to make owners happy. 

Ford reports that a robotic charging solution it’s been testing in Germany is ready for use in the rest of the world—and what might first be a great solution for the disabled has long-term potential for autonomous vehicles or fleet charging. 

And Cadillac has revealed the future technology and design flagship for its lineup, heralded by the Celestiq show car. Previewing a hand-built electric luxury sedan, the Celestiq combines a long-hood fastback look with an interior that mixes throwback cues with a new-generation screen interface spanning the entire dash.


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