Automakers will soon have to pay more for selling gas-guzzlers. Porsche is reportedly mulling solid-state battery tech in its 911 sports car. And does a partisan divide exist regarding EV policy? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The federal government has reinstated higher penalties—and collecting them—for automakers that fail to meet fleet fuel efficiency and emissions standards. That could assure Tesla of a “lucrative revenue stream” from emissions credit sales—and, perhaps, a higher market worth of those credits.

Are Republicans against EV incentives and policy? The results from a national poll released Monday by an EV industry trade group suggest that the increasingly partisan divide in Congress over EV policy—from renewable energy to charging infrastructure—may be disconnected from reality. The poll found widespread bipartisan support for “smart policies designed to increase the adoption of electric vehicles,” including consumer incentives and public investments in infrastructure. 

And Porsche is reportedly working on a 911 sports car powered by solid-state battery tech, according to a German magazine. Porsche parent Volkswagen Group has been a longtime investor in the solid-state firm QuantumScape, and it has suggested that the technology will enable some very fast-charging battery packs later in the decade. Porsche earlier this month confirmed both a fully electric 718 sports car and an upcoming hybrid version of the 911, both due to arrive in the next few years.


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