Porsche just accelerated its electrification strategy.

On Friday, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume confirmed the automaker's going to build a charging network for its customers along with the automaker's third electric car, and a hybrid 911. It also boosted its sales targets.

Blume said Porsche will create its own charging network that will be for Porsche owners and customers. The automaker plans to still invest and support existing infrastructure developments, but acknowledges the demand for charging stations.

While it's too early to discuss speeds or the number of stations, Blume did confirm the first station will open in the beginning of 2023 with a buildout thereafter.

Audi Charging Hub concept in Nuremberg, Germany

Audi Charging Hub concept in Nuremberg, Germany

Chief financial officer and board member Lutz Meschke said the company has identified charging site locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Europe will be the first phase of the automaker's infrastructure strategy, but noted the automaker "will need to think about exclusive solutions for China and the U.S."

The stations might become hubs where owners can get a coffee, relax, or get some work done, according to Meschke. This sounds familiar because it's similar to what Audi's creating.

Porsche's increased its sales targets for EVs, too. The automaker now aims to have a 50% mix of electrified sales by 2025, with 80% of sales specifically battery-electric models by 2030 (previously 80% by 2030 was to be electrified).

Porsche Taycan coast-to-coast record for least charging time

Porsche Taycan coast-to-coast record for least charging time

Taycan deliveries doubled year-over-year with 41,296 units delivered in 2021 despite supply chain and other issues. Taycan sales eclipsed the iconic 911 in 2021, which itself set a new record with 38,464 units. Porsche noted that almost 40% of all vehicles delivered in Europe in 2021 were electrified.

Blume discussed the electric 2024 Macan crossover SUV, which will be the automaker's second electric vehicle. The executive also announced that the automaker's third electric vehicle will be a 718 sports car, which will arrive by 2025. The Mission R electric race car concept, which made its debut at the Munich auto show in September, likely gives a good indication of what to expect with the forthcoming electric 718.

A 911 hybrid is in the works, according to Blume, but it will not be focused on efficiency. The model will not be a plug-in hybrid, rather the HEV will feature a similar performance-oriented system that Porsche used in the 919 hybrid race car.