A Blazer SS could be a sporty, affordable crossover for the mainstream. Biofuels interests go against the Biden administration’s EV push. And battery affordability is threatened by surging materials costs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

Ethanol producers and a group of states have joined forces to argue that Biden administration vehicle emissions standards for model years 2023 through 2026 exceed the EPA’s authority as they effectively force automakers to produce electric cars. 

GM has been making fully electric versions of many of its heritage models—even once teasing a silhouette of what might be an electric Camaro. A new electric Chevy Blazer EV due in 2023 no exception. As Chevy revealed, it will be offered in a sporty SS version. 

And amid spiking nickel lithium prices, analysts see the surge in raw-materials costs leading to a rise in EV battery prices—with battery affordability gains possibly on hold until 2024. That could have a lasting impact on EV affordability itself. 


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