Audi provides a concept-car tease of its future after internal combustion. Mazda reportedly shelves the rotary, again. Ford is discontinuing diesels in the F-150. And VW is pushing toward a future that revolves around mobility and software. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The Ford F-150 diesel is being discontinued—and Ford sees the PowerBoost hybrid version as the logical successor, although diesels will still be offered for the Super Duty versions of Ford’s pickups and we see the all-electric F-150 Lightning making inroads on the ownership-cost advantage formerly carved out for diesel. 

Mazda is reportedly putting the rotary-engine range-extended MX-30 electric crossover on hold—although the battery-electric version will still arrive. The automaker had confirmed in April that the rotary version would arrive in the U.S. in 2022, for the 2023 model year. 

Although the Audi E-Tron and Q4 E-Tron lineups fit right in alongside existing gasoline models, Audi has provided a brief glimpse of what’s coming later in the decade—with a trio of “Sphere” concept cars previewing its design direction away from internal combustion. 

And over at Motor Authority, Volkswagen on Tuesday announced a “New Auto” strategy that will push the automaker toward a future focused around software, electrification, and autonomous driving. It also includes a mobility platform, and replacing all of its EVs with a single scalable vehicle platform to help save costs. 



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